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  • Wednesday - May 29, 2019

    Mr. Hani Awachi attends Ramadan Ghabga with BTECH

    Al Amthal Group CEO, Mr. Hani Awachi attended a ghabga hosted by BTECH, as member of BTECH Board of Directors. The event that took place on 14th May 2019 at the Diplomat Radisson Hotel, has become an annual tradition to reflect the community nature of the holy month of Ramadan with an excellent opportunity to even further strengthen the ties of its stakeholders.

  • Tuesday - May 28, 2019

    Amthal CEO attends Credimax Ramadan Ghabga

    Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Amthal Group attended a Ramadan Ghabga hosted by Credimax Bahrain, on 16th May 2019 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Ghabga is the traditional evening gatherings that take place during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Ghabgas are intended for fostering and strengthening friendship and fraternity among people; both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    Credimax has been a loyal customer of the Amthal Group for quite a long time, and the noble gesture of having Mr. Hani Awachi as their guest further exemplifies the deep bond of friendship and trust between the companies, that extends beyond the limits of mere business relationship.

  • Monday - May 6, 2019

    First Energy Bank signs up for Optimum HRMS and Time Attendance system

    We are honored to announce that the First Energy Bank, has signed up for the Amthal’s OPTIMUM HRMS and Time & Attendance Solution. Optimum Human Resource Management System covers all aspects of Human Resources required by any organization. Furthermore, the Optimum Time & Attendance system works with Optimum HRMS system which handles all attendance-related matters with total access control that is used to ease all related processes which saves up a lot of the HR administrators time.

  • Monday - April 1, 2019


    Al-Amthal IMPLEMENTATION TEAM has completed the upgrading of OPTIMUM ERP Version 10 to 12 at Al Zayani Properties recently. Several new options and features have been added to the existing software like VAT and online payment gateway.

    Al Zayani Properties will now enjoy the benefits of the online payment gateway for rental payment of all their tenants.

  • Sunday - March 31, 2019


    Al-Ahlia University, the largest private university in Bahrain, chose to upgrade their OPTIMUM ERP Finance and Business Management Software System to version 12 in order to reap the benefits of the added features of the system, such as VAT. Al-Amthal is always committed to improve their software systems in order to provide the best software system as per the latest international standards and requirements.

  • Monday - March 25, 2019

    Premator Gulf Signs for Optimum ERP Upgrade with VAT

    Premator Gulf, the premiere contractor in field of qualified corrosion control, voyage repairs and hydro blasting in the Arabian maritime market, picked to upgrade their OPTIMUM ERP Software System to Version 12 in order to gain the benefits of the added new system features, such as VAT. Al-Amthal’s mission is to continuously help to improve its customers business operations by improving the OPTIMUM system.

  • Thursday - March 21, 2019

    United Gulf Bank (UGB) Upgrading to Optimum V12

    One of Al-Amthal long-time customers, United Gulf Bank (UGB) has added the Optimum Procurement Module to automate their purchasing cycle. The latest version of Optimum Procurement Management also accommodates for Value Added Tax (VAT), which has become the new law in Kingdom of Bahrain and other GCC countries.

    UGB has also signed for upgrading the existing Optimum HRMS to the latest version with many added features and functions, which includes Self-Services, being vital in any modern HRMS.

  • Sunday - February 24, 2019

    Optimum ERP upgraded at Council of Representatives (Nuwab)

    The Council of Representatives, also known as Majlis al-Nuwab being the lower house of the Bahraini National Assembly, is going to enjoy the benefits of the most modern technology as their OPTIMUM ERP Finance and Business Management software system has been upgraded to Version 12, which offers many new and improved features.


  • Sunday - February 17, 2019

    Al-Amthal 19th Anniversary

    Al-Amthal Group celebrates its 19 years of accomplishment. Showing their appreciation to their industrious employees for their superior efforts and dedication in building the company through the past years, along with the staff birthdays of the month. Thanks to our loyal customers who are always our core support system.

  • Sunday - February 17, 2019

    Nasser Abd Mohammed Co. (NAMCO) enhance to Optimum V12

    Nasser Abd Mohammed Co. (NAMCO), one of the known Contracting and Heavy Equipment Rental Companies in Bahrain, chose to enhance their Optimum ERP system to Version 12 to gain the latest features that have been added, most importantly VAT. Al-Amthal is always up-to-date to improve their software in order to provide the best software solutions to our customers.

  • Monday - January 28, 2019

    Middle East Wealth’s LLC (MEW) takes OPTIMUM ERP V12

    The Middle East Wealth`s LLC (MEW), a top firefighting equipment supplier in the Sultanate of Oman, has chosen OPTIMUM ERP V12 to handle the financial management requirements. The modules include Financial Management, Procurement, Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets.

    The Middle East Wealth`s LLC (MEW) Provides a wide range of highly effective & quality firefighting equipment including portable, automatic and wheeled fire extinguishers, that meet the requirements and standards of Royal Oman Police Civil Defense Fire Prevention Department, Sultanate of Oman and other GCC countries.

  • Monday - January 28, 2019

    Bahrain Bayan School goes highly high-tech with new mobile app

    A new Mobile App has been developed by Al Amthal Group for Bahrain Bayan School, a highly acclaimed, independent, non-profit, co-educational, bilingual school in Bahrain. The app comes with a host of user-friendly features such as School Calendar, Google Classroom, Fees Payment Gateway, Notifications for Parents, Reservations for school events, and facility for buying tickets for school events. Having been developed with the busy parent in mind, the application keeps the parents always connected with the school through their fingertips.

  • Sunday - January 27, 2019

    OPTIMUM ERP upgraded at CrediMax

    Al-Amthal Group is proud to announce that one of the prestigious customers of Al-Amthal, CrediMax B.S.C., and the first and leading Credit Card Issuer and Acquirer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, providing high quality products and services for its Cardholders and Merchants, has chosen to upgrade the OPTIMUM ERP software system from version 11 to version 12 in order to reap the benefits of the many added features of the system, including VAT.

  • Tuesday - January 22, 2019

    Al-Amthal Group welcomes 2019

    Al-Amthal Celebrates a beginning of a New Year with a delightful gathering around a barbeque dinner at the residence of Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal Group.

    The Bahrain based staff members of Al-Amthal Group and its sister companies had a joyful time. Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, thanked all the employees for dedicating their loyalty and hard work to the company during the occasion as he wished for a year full of prosperity and exciting developments.

  • Tuesday - January 22, 2019


    Al-Amthal is proud to announce that the Implementation Team has completed the upgrading of OPTIMUM ERP Finance and Business Management Software System (Version 12) for Bahrain National Holdings. The company is now able to benefit from many new options and features that have been added to the existing software.

  • Thursday - January 3, 2019

    First Lady upgrades to Wolke V12

    Al-Amthal is glad to announce that the popular Ladies Boutique, First Lady with three showrooms in Bahrain, has upgraded for the full cloud-based Wolke business management software to enhance the efficiency of the business and exercise control. Wolke’s totally flexible parameterization allows users to map their own policies and procedures to have a product of their own to make it perfectly suitable for their business.

  • Wednesday - January 2, 2019

    AFS implements VAT with Optimum ERP V12

    Arab Financial Services, the leading provider of electronic payments outsourcing services in the MENA region and Industry leader in Islamic Credit Cards, will enjoy the benefits of the most modern technology as the OPTIMUM ERP system will be upgraded from version 11 to version 12 which includes all elements of VAT accounting, documents management and all other ERP modules.

    Al-Amthal implementation team is working on completing the system implementation at AFS enhancing the capabilities of the system extensively.

  • Monday - December 31, 2018

    Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority Upgrades to Optimum V12

    One of Al-Amthal’s loyal customers, Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority has signed to upgrade the existing Optimum ERP to the latest version V12 with many added features and functions such as, HRMS Self Services and dashboards etc. The latest version of Optimum ERP also includes the Value Added Tax (VAT), which has become the new law in the Kingdom of Bahrain and other GCC countries.

  • Thursday - December 27, 2018

    Amthal CEO Elected board member in BTECH

    CEO of Al-Amthal, Hani Awachi, becomes member of BTECH Board of Directors.

  • Wednesday - December 19, 2018

    Optimum Goes VAT

    Al-Amthal is proud to announce that the Value-Added Tax (VAT), as per the Ministry of Finance requirements, has been incorporated into Optimum ERP Financial Software Solutions. With this addition Optimum has become fully compliant with VAT, which is verified by major audit firms.

    In addition Optimum VAT is able to accommodate the taxation requirements of any country, including Income Tax and others.

    The new system shows that Al-Amthal is committed to provide the latest advancements in terms of regulations and technology to its customers across the board. Please read on to find out about our customers who has upgraded to Value-Added Tax (VAT).

  • Friday - November 30, 2018

    Ahlia University Internship Students join Al-Amthal

    Al-Amthal Group has always been honored to welcome interns throughout the years, as they welcome a group of students from Ahlia University. Al-Amthal offer student&first-hand experience in what a career would be like and supports students in taking initial steps toward their future careers.

    Interns are an essential part of a team where students work as full-time positions to gain valuable work experience by assisting in the handing of critical projects, as well as providing them with all the training they need to connect with customers and coworkers.

  • Thursday - October 18, 2018

    Al-Amthal wins BTECH Award For the Best HRMS Software In Bahrain at GITEX 2018

    Al-Amthal is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Bahrain Tech Award at a ceremony held at the Conrad Hotel on 15th October 2018 at the sidelines of GITEX 2018 in Dubai. The award was presented to the CEO of Al-Amthal, Hani Awachi, for OPTIMUM HRMS on being selected as one of the best products in Bahrain. The award was launched in 2017 aiming "at promoting the ICT Sector in Bahrain, and drive sustainability through the continuous development of this sector's products in meeting international standards. The key criteria of this Award cover creativity and innovation aspects as well as relevance of business and social needs, readiness for International Market, the use of best practices and enforcing regulations and their marketing presentation." Following an extensive jury evaluation, OPTIMUM HRMS was able to demonstrate that it met the required criteria which prove that OPTIUM HRMS "brings excellence to the Bahrain ICT industry through its innovative technology".

    The award was presented by Tamkeen Chief Executive Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, to Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal. During his acceptance speech at the Awarding Ceremony Mr. Hani Awachi thanked the Jury members, Dr. Janahi, the Head of Bahrain Tech Awards, Mr. Esam Hadi, and other officials for this honour and recognition, which was "going to elevate OPTIMUM HRMS and Al-Amthal on the international ICT stage". Mr. Hani Awachi also expressed his special thanks to the entire Al-Amthal Team, whose hard work and tireless efforts have made it possible that OPTIMUM has become an acclaimed software system not only in Bahrain, but throughout the GCC and beyond.

  • Thursday - October 18, 2018

    BFC signs up for Optimum

    Amthal Group is pleased to announce that one of the most prestigious finance and the leading Money Transfer & Currency Exchange company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain Financing Company (BFC), has opted to develop an integrated WPS, Cards Management and e-Wallet systems with Al-Amthal. The innovative Optimum Wage Protection System (WPS) is developed to provide a modern and easy salary bank transfer solution to thousands of unbanked employees in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Commenting on BFC’s sign up with Al-Amthal, Mr. Ali Fakhreddine, CIO of BFC Group Holdings said, “As part of our ambitious strategy to provide modern financial services solutions, we are particularly proud of taking this step and signing up with an industry leader such as Al-Amthal at the GITEX platform.” This e-Wallet or digital wallet system is an online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions via their mobile phone or personal computer without having to open their own bank account.

    Optimum WPS will help users who need to make financial transactions but do not have a bank account for whatever reason, which will make plenty of lives so much easier and more efficient. “We are very thankful for our esteemed customer’s trust invested in Al-Amthal in view of such a high profile financial system, and I am sure that our expertise and experience will prove to be extremely useful and beneficial to the many end users, taking the provision of modern financial services to another innovative level,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al Amthal Group on the occasion of the formal signing of the agreement at the Bahrain Pavilion of GITEX 2018 held in Dubai.

  • Sunday - September 16, 2018

    ECnet develops New Mobile App for Bahrain’s Representative Council

    The Council of Representatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain (also known as Majlis Al-Nuwab) will now benefit from the brand new Mobile App for Members of Parliament developed by ECnet of Al-Amthal Group, with which MPs are not able to raise support and service requests that will enhance the capabilities of their online relationship management system (CRM) extensively.ement system (CRM) extensively.

  • Wednesday - July 18, 2018

    Hanali Group signs up for Wolke mystaff, myaccount, mytime

    Hanali Group that provides a variety of sales advisory services to assist clients in adapting their sales organization to changes in market conditions and competitors,has chosen mystaff software system to manage its personnel administration and payroll. mystaff is part of the Wolke business management suite, which provides a fully-fledged personnel and payroll package covering the most important aspects of HR management required by any organization.

  • Thursday - July 12, 2018

    Al-Amthal’s Optimum HRMS and Time & Attendance system for Sarens Nass

    We are pleased to announce that Sarens Nass Middle East, who is a recognized leader in crane services, engineered heavy lifting and shift solutions, has signed up for the implementation of Al-Amthals flagship and state-of-the-art software system Optimum HRMS and Time Attendance. The system will be used across GCC. With the Optimum integrated Human Resources management system any organization is able to manage its numerous and complex human resources tasks. In addition, the Optimum Time Attendance system that handles all attendance-related matters with total access control, works hand-in-hand with Optimum HRMS to ease all relevant processes that would otherwise take up a lot of the HR administrators’ time.

  • Monday - July 9, 2018

    PayTabs chooses Optimum Financial Management ERP

    PayTabs is an online B2B payment solution provider that enables businesses to receive convenient and secure online payments. PayTabs has signed a deal with Amthal Group to get the benefit of managing their financial transactions automatically by the state-of-the-art Optimum Financial Management ERP system developed by Al-Amthal.

    Al-Amthal will provide fully integrated ERP for PayTabs including Merchants Payment functionality along with Procurement, Fixed Assets and General Ledger modules.

  • Monday - June 25, 2018

    First Lady leads into Wolke Business Suite

    The well-known and popular Ladies Boutique, First Lady with three showrooms in Bahrain, has signed up for the cloud-based Wolke business management software in order to manage all major operations of their business. Wolke’s totally flexible parameterization allows users to map their own policies and procedures to have a product of their own to make it perfectly suitable for their business.

  • Wednesday - March 7, 2018

    Al-Amthal develops new Commodity Trade Management System for FAJR

    FAJR Investment Advisory company signed a deal with Al-Amthal for Optimum Software custom module development (Commodity Trade Management), which has become one of the latest Optimum products. The newly developed Commodity Trade Management system helps facilitate the company’s ‘main focus of business’, which ‘is the brokerage of commodity to banks and financial institutions for their Islamic liquidity management transactions’.

    FAJR Investment Advisory ‘is incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, to provide innovative services to the Islamic banking and finance industry.’

  • Monday - February 19, 2018

    Al-Amthal 18th Anniversary

    In February 2018 Al-Amthal has completed 18 years of success! The management and staff came together to celebrate the anniversary along with the staff birthdays of the month.

    During the celebration of this coming-of-age event Mrs. Zahra Awachi, Al-Amthal partner and GM HR & Administration, thanked all employees for their dedication and cooperation in building the company and the brand over the years: “Al Amthal has grown to become a major player in the software industry in the Middle East. We are proud to say that it’s been a long and successful journey in the past 18 years.” The Head of Business Development, Mr. Ashraf Bilal, added his thanks to the team for their contribution leading up to successful 18 years. “We are also proud to announce the opening of our new office in Saudi Arabia and we are looking at concrete plans for expansions in UAE and Kuwait.”

  • Tuesday - January 23, 2018

    NBK signs up for OPTIMUM HRMS and Time & Attendance system

    We are glad to announce that the Bahrain Commercial Branch of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), which was set up in Bahrain in 1987 and offers full commercial banking services across a broad spectrum of areas , has signed up for the implementation of Al- Amthal & highly developed software system OPTIMUM HRMS and Time & Attendance. With the Optimum Human Resource Management System any company structure and specific policies and procedures can be easily mapped in the system that covers all aspects of Human Resources required by any organization. In addition, the Optimum Time & Attendance system, which handles all attendance-related matters with total access control, works hand-in-hand with Optimum HRMS to ease all relevant processes that would otherwise take up a lot of the HR administrators time.

  • Tuesday - January 23, 2018

    Power Water implements Wolke business suite – ERP

    Al Amthal Group is glad to announce that Power Water, a prominent water distillation equipment company in Bahrain has implemented WOLKE business suite ERP module to manage their business activities.

    WOLKE provides a collection of business and accounting solutions for small and medium organizations in a simple and easy way to manage their organization needs.

  • Thursday - January 18, 2018

    New Year Celebration for Al-Amthal Staff

    The Bahrain based staff members of Al-Amthal Group and its sister companies celebrated the start of the new year 2018 at the residence of Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal Group.

    The staff had a wonderful time when they came together for a gathering around a barbeque dinner to envisage another year full of prosperity and exciting developments. Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, thanked all the employees for dedicating their loyalty and hard work to the company during the occasion.

  • Sunday - January 14, 2018

    NEW Salary Payment System for AFS

    Amthal Group is proud to announce that an innovative salary payment system has been developed for Arab Financial Services, the leading provider of electronic payments. The system is one of the latest OPTIMUM products that has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art salary bank transfer solution to employees who do not have a bank account. The system facilitates easy salary transfer to employees by providing them with an ATM card to withdraw their salaries.  Employees may also have access to the system to view their salary details and history payments.

  • Wednesday - November 8, 2017

    Jaffaria Waqf Directorate Inaugurates the Investors Services Center and the 'Waqf Real Estate Portal'

    In line with the directives of the wise leadership on the importance of developing the services of governmental institutions and enhancing direct communication with the public, the Chairman of the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate (JWD), Sheikh Mohsen Al Asfoor inaugurated the Investors Services Center in its administration building in Manama. The meeting was attended by board members, where he also announced the launch of the "Waqf Investment Real Estate Portal"; the new online portal for investment and rental applications. The presentation of all the Waqf properties was conducted for the first time in the history of JWD, which enhances the transparency and competitiveness in the development of revenue from the endowments.

    The chairman of the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate said that the center was the third to announce its inauguration by the administration after the maintenance service center and the visitor services center. The council is working on implementing ambitious projects and goals within a comprehensive strategy to promote JWD and activate the tripartite partnership, transparency and development to achieve the aspirations of the different activities of this ancient institution. The chairman pointed out that the developer of the system of the Waqf real estate portal recently completed the finalization of the system enabling users to invest, rent, inquire or pay the amounts incurred directly online through the website

    Sheikh Al-Asfoor said that the new system is developed by Al-Amthal Group, and it is one of the leading modern projects that is launched by Al-Amthal Group to offer and lease all properties of Waqf investment to everyone through the Internet in absolute transparency with the inventory of all properties of Waqf, through the Real Estate Endowment Gate. This system will represent a qualitative leap in the development and management of real estate properties in a modern and professional manner. It is the first of its kind in the world at the level of Waqf institutions. This project translates the new identity launched by JWD to enhance their partnership with various economic and social institutions, and coincides with the celebration of JWD’s 90th anniversary of its founding in 1927, which is one of the first departments in the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Sheikh Al-Asfoor said that Al-Amthal Group has recently linked all management systems to each other and all properties that are available for investment will be offered through the system in a timely and transparent manner. The system facilitates the process of leasing and smoothens the procedures, tenants are divided into four departments: government agencies, civil society organizations and others.

    For his part, the CEO of Al-Amthal Group, Hani Awachi, said that the company is proud to extend its work with the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate to develop its systems comprehensively. He also declared that creating a new system for investment services and leasing that enhance transparency and make it easier for all dealers with the Awqaf to complete their transactions at anytime and anywhere using the latest technology and systems providing an innovative experience supported by world-class consulting services.

  • Monday - November 6, 2017

    Amthal Group contributes to the 2017 Bahrain Polytechnic Marketing Awards Ceremony

    The Amthal Group continued to play a significant role in the development and recognition of future Marketers through its support of the 2017 Bahrain Polytechnic Marketing Major awards ceremony. The event was held in Amwaj to recognise and honour the top performing Marketing students of the academic year 2016/2017.

    Four major awards categories were sponsored by the Amthal Group; Marketeer of the year, Best commercial solution, Promotional campaign of the year, and Team of the year.  Amthal Group’s CEO, Mr. Hani Awachi invited the students, who won the awards and the Bahrain Polytechnic marketing major team to Amthal Group’s main office in Bahrain, in order to present the awards to the students and congratulate them on their outstanding performance in the previous semester.

  • Thursday - November 2, 2017

    Amthal Group joins the World Entrepreneurship Exhibition in the Kingdom of Bahrain

    Amthal Group joined World Entrepreneurship Exhibition that was held in Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Manama from the 31st of October to 1st of November. The exhibition was held in order to introduce Bahraini businesses for opportunities to expand and create relations with businesses from other countries that were attending the exhibition.

    Amthal Group's participation improves the visibility of the company to other businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain and some other countries from Asia and Africa. The CEO of Amthal Group, Mr Hani Awachi stated that participating in this exhibition helps in promoting Bahraini companies capabilities to other markets in and outside Bahrain, and that he is glad to be part of such event that promotes locally made Bahraini products to the world.

  • Tuesday - October 3, 2017

    Moamalat Financial Services Signs with ECnet to revamp company website

    Moamalat Financial Services is a Libyan joint stock company established in 1994 that undertakes financial services and foreign exchange work in Libya.

    Moamalat signed a deal with ECnet to completely revamp the company’s website and enhance it in order to meet the highest standards in the market. The website will have a state-of-the-art e-Shop, which will enhance the online experience of the users on the website. Furthermore, the website will be responsive, easy to use and will represent Moamalat’s online image in the most professional way.

  • Tuesday - October 3, 2017

    Amthal Group Joins the MOL Job Expo in Juffair

    Amthal group contributes in the Ministry of Labour’s Job Expo at the Manama Community Centre in Juffair, Mr. Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Labour and Social Development Minister, opened the job expo in September 18, 2017.

    As part of Amthal Group’s vision and contribution in growing and helping the nationals and the fresh graduates, Amthal group joined the job expo to provide opportunities for the young Bahrainis who are looking for jobs in the private sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

  • Wednesday - July 5, 2017

    Bahrain Bourse signs for Optimum HRMS

    We are happy to announce that Bahrain Bourse has signed a deal to implement Optimum HRMS solution on June 20, 2017. Bahrain Bourse is a self-regulated multi-asset marketplace. It is known with its best investment and trading solutions.  Optimum HRMS is an integrated system which will benefit any organization’s human resources; it has all the requirements needed like Personnel Administration, Payroll, Documents Management, Recruitment, Training and Appraisal Management. Optimum HRMS also provides Business Intelligence Reporting with comprehensive Dashboards and Statistics. 

  • Sunday - June 4, 2017

    CrediMax Launches their mobile app developed by Amthal Group

    Amthal Group is pleased to announce that the recently launched CrediMax Mobile App for Android and iOS Devices was developed by ECnet, a division of Amthal Group. The application will provide CrediMax cardholders the convenience of easy access to secure real time credit card information ranging from real time notifications on transactions to offers, service requests, & benefits available to CrediMax cardholders.


    Click here to Download the app:

  • Wednesday - May 31, 2017

    Bahrain Polytechnic Collaborates with Al-Amthal Group on Course Offerings

    As part of the joint-cooperation between Al Amthal Group and Bahrain Polytechnic, the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) invited Al Amthal Group to be part of its Curriculum Advisory Committee. Academics from the BICT worked jointly with Amthal Group experts on sharing knowledge, experience and ideas. A meeting was setup between the two teams to discuss the content and topics of new courses offered in the BICT degree namely, Systems Administration and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Al Amthal Group specialists were selected due to their long years of experience in the ICT field and particularly ERP systems. The partnership provides mutual benefits for Al Amthal Group and Bahrain Polytechnic students.

  • Wednesday - May 17, 2017

    New Premises for Amthal Qatar Office

    Amthal Group in Qatar has been shifted to a new location recently, the new office is located in a prime area where clients and staff have easy access.

    This is another step marking the growth of Al Amthal in Qatar. We hope that we can serve our customers better from the new premises, said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager, Al Amthal, Qatar.

  • Wednesday - April 26, 2017

    World's First Waqf Bourse developed by Al-Amthal launched

    Al-Amthal has developed and rolled out the first-ever endowment real estate stocks website for Jaffaria Waqf Bahrain,, during the Gulf Property Show which is being held from 25 to 27 April 2017. The project is one of its kind and first in the region providing services for rental of Waqf properties.


    The project is developed as a module of Al-Amthal's Optimum ERP System. The website is a perfect mix between state of the art technology and needs of Jaffaria Waqf Directorate. The website will be managed by Optimum ERP Solution, also developed by Amthal Group. The development team focused on making the website quick, smooth and mobile optimized, in order to give the user a perfect, errorless and fast browsing on any device.

  • Wednesday - April 26, 2017

    BENEFIT Company set to benefit from OPTIMUM power

    BENEFIT Company, the leader in the electronic payments, fund transfer, business process service and support in the financial and non-financial sectors in Bahrain, has signed a deal with the Al-Amthal Group to get the OPTIMUM HR & Payroll Management system, the flagship product of Al Amthal.

    The BENEFIT Company since its inception has acted as a bridge between banks, customers, and businesses. They provide innovative Payment Capabilities, Information Management Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing services to their customers.

    “The OPTIMUM HR & Payroll system has the capability to handle all aspects of human resources and payroll management. Our valued customer will definitely find that the efficiency of the entire office has been enhanced by it,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Al Amthal Group on the occasion of the formal signing of the agreement. 

  • Monday - April 24, 2017

    Arabcab website set to be revamped by Al Amthal

    According to the recent deal signed between Arab Cable Manufacturers Association which has its member companies spread in more than 14 Arab countries. Amthal Group will revamp and redesign the website of the association incorporating up-to-date technology and concepts.

    The website will be highly user-friendly and appeasing to the eyes, while being highly interactive with the members and visitors. “The website will be a marketing tool as well as an interface for doing many transactions with the member companies. The website will definitely play and important role in the day to day activities of our client,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Amthal Group.

  • Thursday - April 20, 2017

    Al Bijjan Trading Signs up for WOLKE

    Al Bijjan Trading Establishment, a leading company in painting contracting and equipment supply in Bahrain, has signed up with Al Amthal Group for WOLKE MyAccount and POS system.

    MyAcoount, a module in the WOLKE solutions in the Cloud platform, is a fully –fledged accounting system from Al Amthal group. The WOLKE Point-of-Sale system works hand in hand with MyAccount to fulfill the accounting requirements of the company.

    The WOLKE software solutions provide a comprehensive set of modules on Cloud platform, to cater for the needs of all types of companies in Bahrain and other GCC countries.

  • Tuesday - April 18, 2017

    Chromium Steel (Bahrain) picks up Wolke for HR and Attendance

    The Chromium Steel (Bahrain), a leading company in Bahrain,  has signed up a deal with Al Amthal Group for Wolke HR & Payroll with Time Attendance


    Wolke HR & Payroll with Time Attendance is a comprehensive Human resources management system with integrated payroll, and time & attendance facilities. The biometric attendance data collected by the swiping machines are processed by the system for attendance, leave, and overtime calculations in addition to monitoring absences, late-coming, early out etc. The system is kept in the Cloud platform, eliminating the need for huge investments on hardware and software.

  • Thursday - April 13, 2017

    CEO of Amthal Group speaking at the Middle East College of Information Technology (MECIT) in Oman

    Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Amthal Group, was invited by the Middle East College of Information Technology (MECIT) in Oman as a guest speaker at their department of computing to share his insights and knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with the university’s ERP level 3 class.


    Mr. Hani Awachi presented topics related to ERP systems, introducing Optimum, the cutting-edge ERP system that has the latest technology and features in the ERP system market. Faculty students joining the event had the unique opportunity to expand their knowledge about ERP systems by benefitting from the insights of the developer of Optimum ERP, which has special expertise and vast knowledge of almost two decades in this field built into it.

  • Wednesday - March 15, 2017

    Hamil Al Misk picks Wolke Business suite

    Hamil Al Misk, one of the leading perfume shops in Bahrain with four outlets and e-shopping facility, has signed a deal with Amthal Group for Wolke Business Suite, for managing their office.

    The Wolke Business suite is a bouquet of software modules such as General Ledger, HR and Payroll, Account payable, Accounts receivable, Inventory management, Fixed Assets management etc. All the modules work hand in hand with each other, forming a staunch system to handle all the back office activities of the customer.

    Amthal Group is also developing a state-of-the-art website for Hamil Al Misk which will be highly interactive for the e-shop customers and enquirers. 

  • Monday - March 13, 2017

    BKIC Signs up for Optimum HRMS system

    A deal has been signed between Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company B.S.C. (BKIC) and Amthal Group to provide OPTIMUM HRMS system to BKIC to handle their personnel-related activities.

    The Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company, established in the year 1975, has enjoyed steady growth in various areas and built a solid relationship with its customers based on integrity, mutual trust and financial strength. The company believes that the employees are its best assets and hence places great emphasis on their welfare.

    The OPTIMUM HRMS system is a comprehensive one that can handle all aspects of HR and payroll processes. “We are proud to be chosen by such a prestigious company as the BKIC and our product will definitely satisfy all the requirements of our valuable customer” stated Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Amthal Group. 

  • Friday - January 6, 2017

    OPTIMUM to work for Saudi Food Bank from Clouds

    Saudi Food Bank “It is the first Food Bank Charity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a year-round charitable organization that collects quality meals with the help of regular employees and volunteers, and delivers it to the beneficiaries that were recommended by charities in the utmost of privacy.

    It closed a deal with Amthal Group to get the full suite of OPTIMUM business solutions; which is hosted on the cloud.

    The system modules includes the Operations and Finance Management, the Procurement and Supply Chain and the Human Resources and Payroll Management. Al Amthal is really proud to participate in the noble work being done by Itaam by providing them modern technology that is reliable and efficient. We are sure that OPTIMUM will exceed their expectations by providing staunch support in their activities,said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Al Amthal Group.

  • Friday - January 6, 2017

    Prestigious Omani Group chooses WOLKE Business Suite

    Batty Hamood Khanfoor Transport Services, is one of the major Omani groups. The company is registered with the PDO as a local community company, however in May 2000 Batty Hamood started commercial business with Halliburton World Wide Ltd.

    At present, the company’s business includes providing Oilfield service i.e. Vehicle and equipment rental, Fuel Haulage, Water haulage, Trash Services, and manpower supply to the PDO’s contractor.

    Batty Hamood is the parent company of three companies which are “Abraj Desert”, “Maalim Fahud Petroleum Services” and “Maalim Desert Unique Project”.

    Batty Hamood Signed a deal with Amthal Group to purchase the WOLKE Business Suites to manage their offices and the other three companies.

    The system modules includes “Financial & Accounting Management”, “Purchase & Sales management”, “Payroll management”, “Stock & Inventory management”, “Fleet management”, “HR management”, “Tracking options” and “Notifications or Alert on screen” Along with the reports, security, system installation, training and Web Hosting.

  • Friday - November 11, 2016

    Baqer Services picks up WOLKE ERP system

    Baqer Services Contracting Agency, is one of the leading manpower supply and contracting company in Bahrain, has signed a deal with Al-Amthal to get the full suite of WOLKE web-based ERP system.

    Baqer Services is a pioneer in manpower supply industry, recruiting skilled workers from various parts of the world to Bahrain. The company made its own mark in contracting too, with many projects to their name.

    The WOLKE web-based ERP system is a comprehensive software solution which includes different modules that handles each and every activity of a company, such as: accounting software, accounts receivable system, accounts payable system, inventory management system, asset management system, HR and payroll system and Time and Attendance system.

    “Our systems are highly parameterized and as such are adaptable to suit the requirements of any type of business. The web-based version is designed to be affordable to SMEs, and our valuable customer will find the system most suitable for their needs,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Al Amthal Group.

  • Tuesday - April 5, 2016

    myBrand the Brand-New Product to Handle Branding Services

    A new product with amazing features has been launched. myBrand is the latest addition in the array of software solutions developed by ECnet. It is a web- based branding system which is targeting SMEs as well as large organizations. It handles the whole branding process between a company and its clients.

    The system is a unique way of presenting the Branding Services offered by marketing agencies and it is used during client meetings. Hence, it automatically calculates the working hours needed from the designer in order to finish a certain project, which makes the process of preparing the proposals much easier. It also has an internal archiving feature for data related to the company to ease the process of finding data when needed, such as corporate designs.

  • Monday - April 4, 2016

    Easy Costing with OPTIMUM TA Time Sheet

    The OPTIMUM Time & Attendance system has added yet another beneficial feature to the system!

    The new electronic Time Sheet feature ensures that the salary of each employee can be allocated for the hours spent on each project. An employee’s time at work can be assigned to the various projects that he/she works on, and the system tracks down the number of hours he/ she has worked on each of the allocated projects. In addition, it calculates how many hours the employee has worked overtime, worked on holidays and was absent from work. All these will reflect in the costing of the assigned projects.

    The OPTIMUM Time and Attendance system works hand in hand with the other OPTIMUM modules. When the TA system is linked with the OPTIMUM General Ledger and HRMS (Payroll) systems, the systems will calculate the time spent on each project, and allocate the salary, overtime etc. of the workers to the accounts concerned.

    As a result, the costing process becomes easier, more accurate and reliable. The user-friendly screens guide the users through the set-up, project assignment, time input and reports with ease and efficiency

  • Thursday - March 17, 2016

    Al-Amthal celebrates 16th Anniversary

    Al-Amthal has completed 16 years of success! The management and staff threw a party to celebrate the anniversary. 

    Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO and Ms. Beate Awachi, partner, and all the staff in the Bahrain office took part in the celebrations. Mr. Hani Awachi thanked the employees for their dedication and cooperation in building up the company and the brand over the years.

    “We are proud to note that in the past 16 years, Al Amthal has grown to become a major player in the software industry in the Middle East. With branches and representative offices in the GCC, Al-Amthal’s flagship product, OPTIMUM ERP systems have grabbed a fair share of the software market in the region. I take this opportunity to thank our valuable customers who supported us during these years; and the employees who have been instrumental in the growth and development of the company,” said Mr. Hani Awachi on the occasion.

  • Monday - March 7, 2016

    Al-Amthal and Bahrain Polytechnic sign MoU

    A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Amthal Group and Bahrain Polytechnic for joint co-operation.

    According to the MOU, both organizations will co-operate in a number of areas covering internships for students, sharing knowledge, experience and ideas, arranging visits and guest speakers, as well as collaboration on research projects.

    The MoU was signed by Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al Aseeri, Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, and Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Amthal Group. The Ceremony was also attended on behalf of Bahrain Polytechnic by the Deputy Chief Executive Educational Services, Dr. Hasan Almulla, the Dean of Business Faculty, Mr. Cormac MacMahon, the Dean of EDICT Faculty, Dr. Phillippe Pringuet, the Acting Manager Industry & Liaison, Mr. Talat M. Abdulla, and Programme Manager, Ms. Latifa Al Fadhel, and on behalf of Al-Amthal by Mrs. Beate Schoek-Awachi, GM-HR & Admin, and Mr. Ashraf Bilal, Head of Sales & Marketing.

    Al Amthal has already taken on different groups of students for their work placement in the HR & Implementation departments as well as in the ECnet division, where they are getting first-hand experience for their various projects, under the guidance and supervision of Al-Amthal professionals.

    “We are always keen to fulfill our social responsibility by providing quality training opportunities to Bahrain’s future work force through intensive and real-life work experience. We are really proud to have been chosen as partners for this favorable tie-up with Bahrain Polytechnic for the benefit of the Kingdom’s young professional generation”, said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, on the occasion of the signing ceremony.

    On behalf of Bahrain Polytechnic, Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri stated: “We educate our students by using the problem-based learning approach, which encourages practical work and ensures that they touch the corporate world at an early stage of their academic career. Signing this agreement with Amthal Group falls under our goals of producing work-ready graduates, as part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and government action plan 2015-2018.”

  • Monday - February 22, 2016

    Al-Amthal links WOLKE HR with K-Link Bahrain 

    One of the leading business firms in Bahrain, K-Link Bahrain, which is the trading arm of Al Majid Group, has selected WOLKE Human Resources Management system for managing their employees’ affairs. An agreement was signed between K-Link Bahrain and the Amthal Group in this regard.

    The WOLKE HR is a fully-ledged human resources management system working on the Cloud platform. Ever since the launching of the product, the system has been well received by SMEs due to its user-friendliness, adaptability and cost-effectiveness.

    K-Link Bahrain was established in 2002 with the aim to provide quality health care products. Now they are the distributors of many quality food products from all over the world. Other than the market of Bahrain, K-Link Bahrain also caters to the other GCC markets, most notably to the market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Thursday - February 18, 2016

    OPTIMUM Upgrade Completed at Ithmaar Bank

    The Al-Amthal implementation team has completed the upgrading of OPTIMUM HRMS and Time Attendance modules at the Ithmaar Bank recently. Several new options and features have been added to the existing software.

    “Our system has now been equipped to serve the customer much better than before, due to the improvements and added facilities,” said Mr. Noman Masood, Project Manager and Team Leader of the Implementation department.

  • Thursday - February 11, 2016

    Al-Amthal bags 'Leading Software Solutions Provider' Award

    Al-Amthal has been honored with the prestigious iTech Award in the category of "Leading Software Solutions Provider" by the Innovation for Industry Forum, Bahrain. The award was presented at the Gulf Industry Fair held on 10th February, 2016, by Mr. Osama Mohammed Alarrayed, Undersecretary for Industry Affairs, on behalf of H.E. Zayed R. AlZayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Kingdom of Bahrain. The Innovation for Industry Forum, along with the Gulf Industry Fair, aims to create an environment for "blue-Sky" thinking by companies sharing each other's experience, knowledge and skills to build strategic beneficial commercial alliances.

  • Thursday - January 28, 2016

    Major Qatari Insurance Company Picks OPTIMUM HRMS

    The Qatar Islamic Insurance Company, a prominent Qatari company in the insurance industry, has chosen OPTIMUM HRMS system to manage their human resources affairs.

    QIIC, founded in 1995, has grown rapidly to become a leading Takaful insurance company in Qatar and the world. Combining adherence to the principles of Islamic Sharia with innovatory and dynamic management, the company has achieved outstanding levels of growth, with unprecedented gains across all classes of its business. 

    OPTIMUM HRMS, the flagship product of Al-Amthal, is designed to cater for all the HR needs of any industry due to its high adaptability and parameterization. 

    Mr. Najeeb Haneefa, Executive Director (IT), QIIC and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager, Amthal Qatar, entered into a formal agreement representing their companies. “Our system is capable of handling all aspects of HR management from recruitment to payroll. Hence we are sure that our valued client will find it most suitable for their purpose”, said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro on the occasion.

  • Sunday - December 27, 2015

    Al-Amthal receives honoring certificate from MOE

    A ceremony was held under the patronage of the Minister of Education, H.E.Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, to honor the organizations that contributed to the “Takween” training program. Amthal Group received an honoring certificate along with other participating companies for their efforts and cooperation that contributed to the success of the internship training program. The event took place in the Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Institute of Technology in the presence of the Director of Technical and Vocational Education Department, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Razzaq Al-Siddiqi.

  • Sunday - December 13, 2015

    OPTIMUM HRMS takes new heights in Sabre Travel Network ME with Technology

    Sabre Travel Network Middle East has been using OPTIMUM HRMS for the last six years to manage their HR operations in their entire Middle East offices. When Al-Amthal released the latest Version, OPTIMUM HRMS V11, which is developed on the latest technologies from Microsoft, Sabre Travel Network was impressed with its innovative new features and numerous additional benefits and took the decision to upgrade to the latest version.

    “We are very happy to be able to convince our loyal customers, who are the backbone of Al-Amthal, of the benefits of our new developments and innovations. Many features have been improved and many more newly developed in the latest version of OPTIMUM, based on our many years of experience in working closely with our clients and identifying their specific requirements,” said Mr. Ashraf Bilal, Head of Business Development after having negotiated the new deal.

  • Wednesday - November 25, 2015

    PART opts for OPTIMUM !

    The Public Authority for Radio and Television (PART), the national television channel broadcaster of the Sultanate of Oman, has chosen the OPTIMUM Time and Attendance system to capture and manage the attendance data of their employees. The OPTIMUM Leave Management system will work hand in hand with the Time and Attendance system, making all related processes easier and smoother.

    “We are proud to have been chosen by such a prominent organization like PART. Both our systems, the Time and Attendance and Leave Management, are comprehensive systems which will definitely rise up to the expectations of our valued customer,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group in this regard.

  • Thursday - November 12, 2015

    Confidence Engineering leaps into WOLKE Cloud


    One of the premier contracting and construction companies in the State of Qatar, Confidence Engineering & Development Co. WLL, is embarking on its second decade of operations with a new time and attendance management software, mytime, from the WOLKE Business suite by Al-Amthal.

    Mytime works on the latest technological advancement, Cloud platform. The system manages all aspects of time and attendance such as daily swipes, leave, absence, overtime etc., and produces custom-tailored reports based on a number of parameters.

    Confidence Engineering & Development Company employs more than 400 staff from different regions of the world; small wonder they needed such an efficient system as mytime. 

    “We are proud of our association with CED, who has evolved into one of the most valuable contractors in Qatar continually expanding their wide range of services and operations. We are confident that mytime will support our client in their further growth,” said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager of the Amthal Group in Qatar.

  • Sunday - November 1, 2015

    ISO Re-Certification: Al-Amthal commits to Quality Management

    The Amthal Group has been re-awarded the international accreditation ISO 9001:2008 Certification for their Quality Management System (QMS) after a thorough 3-day audit by Bureau Veritas, whose “certification is recognized as a symbol of excellence worldwide.” The certificate was handed over to Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Amthal Group, by Mr. Zulfiqar Haider, Country Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Bahrain.

    The very purpose of implementing a QMS is to give more focus and direction to the organization in pursuing the quality goals. The QMS ensures that continual evaluation and monitoring take place in the organization, resulting in enhanced commitment to the stated goals as per recognized and defined international standards.

  • Friday - October 2, 2015

    MAC managing its stores with OPTIMUM

    As Mac Stores is a leading provider for best quality automotive collision parts for consumers, it is part of the company’s vision to deliver customer satisfaction at all levels as well as provide professional training opportunities to their staff. Therefore, MAC Stores chose OPTIMUM Trading ERP System to manage all their stores, which include the key modules of Inventory, Sales, Human Resources, Recruitment, and Time Attendance Management.

  • Sunday - September 27, 2015

    Continued trust in OPTIMUM for Ahlia School

    Ahlia School opened its doors in September 2011 to “contribute to the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic development of all its members, especially its students”. The school is part of Ahlia University which has been using OPTIMUM ERP for 10 years. Consequently, the management board confirmed its trust in OPTIMUM ERP to be implemented in Ahlia School for its fees management, staff & recruitment management as well as inventory management.

  • Monday - September 14, 2015

    ASDAL Gulf Inn Hotel to be managed by OPTIMUM

    The ASDAL Gulf Inn Hotel is a new hotel in Seef area, which selected OPTIMUM HRM System for managing its Personnel Admin and Payroll. With its strong parameterization OPTIMUM offers great features especially for the hospitality sector with many employees. As the hotel sector needs to be able to rely on its human resources in order to provide quality services to their guests, a sophisticated and efficient HRM System is of paramount importance.

  • Saturday - August 22, 2015

    WOLKE Mystaff ready to take off at Energy City Qatar

    The implementation of the human resources management system, Mystaff of the WOLKE business suite, has been successfully completed at one of the major companies in the State of Qatar, Energy City. Our implementation team has customized the system to suit the requirements of Energy City, and now the system is fully operational with all its state-of-the-art features and benefits.

    Mystaff is a comprehensive system that handles all aspects of HR management, with a host of features and benefits to fully automate all processes and activities. 

    Energy City Qatar is the region’s first integrated business hub dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry that forms part of the major new city development, Lusail. Energy City has many major developments in the region to its credit.

    A ceremony was held at the company’s premises to mark the occasion, which was attended by Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager of the Qatar regional office, representing the Amthal Group. 

  • Wednesday - August 19, 2015

    Al-Amthal teams up with major Omani Group

    A fruitful business partnership has come into being between the AlBadi Investment Holding Group, a leading and prominent group of companies in the Sultanate of Oman, and Al-Amthal Al-Khaleeji, a subsidiary of the Amthal Group, Bahrain.

    Al-Badi Group is one of the most successful group of companies within Oman. Their activities are spread over various fields such as construction, manufacturing, trade, industry, media and tourism, offering a wide variety of services and products to the Omani market. Being one of the major local business players Al-Badi Group has been achieving its main goal of serving the Omani community while attaining remarkable success.

    Amthal Group, the developers of the OPTIMUM business solutions, is the pioneer in the software industry in Bahrain as well as the GCC countries. The wide range of software systems developed and implemented by Al- Amthal is renowned for their innovativeness, adaptability, bilingual capability, and user-friendliness.Within a very short span of time,Al-Amthal has been able to own a substantial share of the software market in the Middle East.

    “Al-Amthal Al-Khaleeji and Al-Badi have entered into business venture in Oman. The business partnership with such a reputed name as the Al- Badi Group is definitely a great leap for Al-Amthal. This mutually beneficial association is going to yield substantial results in the future”, said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group.

  • Tuesday - August 11, 2015

    New Era of Internet Presence for JWD

    ECnet has successfully designed and published a new website for the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate which is an independent entity under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    The website was designed in a way that allows the user to view all details about the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate such as Departments, Projects, Administration, affiliated Mosques and Centers, including many electronic file as well as an audio library.The look and feel of the website is unique and modern.

  • Thursday - August 6, 2015

    Moving Saham School into the Spot Light

    Saham Private School is one of the leading schools in Oman that provides a high level of education through their scientific distinction and their outstanding intellectual mentality. In line with the school’s successful mission, ECnet has developed the school’s new website to showcase the provided services and ambitions. In addition branded guidelines, stationary, advertising templates and giveaways were created by ECnet for Saham Private School.

  • Wednesday - July 29, 2015

    Al Badi Investment Holding Group in Oman Goes Online

    The team of ECnet has designed an attractive new website for Al Badi Group headquartered in Oman.

    The website demonstrates several companies under Al Badi Group that are operating in different fields such as Construction, Manufacturing, Trade, Industry, Media and Tourism.

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